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Marcel Jacobs is the fastest man in the Olympics

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Marcel Jacobs
Usain Bolt dominated the Olympic 100-meter sprint for a long time. Awaiting is over. This time the fastest man in the world is Marcel Jacobs from Italy.

In the most interesting event of the Games in Olympic is 100-meter sprint. Jacobs became the best in the 100 meter sprint with a time of 9.80 seconds. This is the first time he has won a gold medal in the Olympics.

However, he finished second with a time of 9.94 seconds in hit. However, he won gold in the main fight with less time.

Fred Kerley won the silver with a time of 9.84 seconds. Andre De Grasse of Canada won the bronze medal with a time of 9.89 seconds.

Bolt won gold at the Rio Olympics with a time of 9.81 seconds. In 2012, Bolt won a gold medal at the London Olympics with a record time of 9.63 seconds.

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