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Officials demanded arrest of the mayor Serniabat

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mayor Serniabat
The Bangladesh Administrative Service Association (BASA) has demanded the arrest of Barisal city mayor Serniabat Sadiq Abdullah, blaming  for the attack on Upazila Nirbahi Officer-UNO house.

Administrative officials said in a press release that legal action would be taken against him.

The demand was made in a press release signed by Kabir bin Anwar, president of the organization and senior secretary at the Ministry of Water Resources.

It has been alleged that the entire people of Barisal are dissatisfied with the oppression of this mayor.

An emergency meeting of the executive council of the Administrative Service Association was called at around 7 pm on Thursday over the incident in Barisal.

At the end of the meeting, it was decided that 'miscreants will be dealt with by law' and 'law will run at its own pace'.

According to the association, they have analyzed the incidents in Barisal and seen how an executive officer was harassed by 'political miscreants' while performing his government duties.

The UNO's home was attacked, according to the statement, where his coronary ailment parents were present. The officer was insulted in their presence and the gate of his house was broken. Firearms and ammunition were used and a procession with public slogans was held to remove his skin.

The press release alleges that Mayor Serniabat Sadiq Abdullah, with his rogue forces, has created various obstacles with the employees of the City Corporation and has established a reign of terror in all the districts.

The Bangladesh Administrative Service Association then strongly condemned such activities.

They are demanding his immediate arrest and vow to take legal action against him, alleging that the incident took place at the behest of the mayor.

Attempts were made to hear the mayor's statement about the attack, but he could not be reached.

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