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'Mega projects will change the country's economy'

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Mega projects
PM Sheikh Hasina has reiterated that her government is on high alert to ensure that debt is not burdened.

"Once these megaprojects are implemented, the face of our economy will change," she said. We are borrowing from domestic and foreign sources. But we have a careful vision so that they do not become a burden. "

The PM said this in a speech addressed to the nation on the evening of the first Baishakh of Bengali New Year on Wednesday, April 13.

Her speech was broadcast live on Bangladesh Television and other Private Channels.

The nation will celebrate the first Baishakh-1429 on Thursday, April 14, through a traditional cultural festival.

Regarding the mega project, PM said the Padma bridge is being constructed with her own funds. Because no loan was taken for this. Other mega projects have been undertaken through economic research by local and foreign experts. And many projects are being implemented on the basis of foreign partnerships.

"Our main goal is to accelerate economic activity, create jobs, increase wealth and make people's lives easier through infrastructural development," she said.

The PM said 2022 and 2023 will be milestones for Bangladesh in terms of infrastructural development. The much-anticipated Padma Bridge will be launched in just a few months. The bridge is expected to contribute 1.2% to GDP.

She said by the end of this year, Metrorail will be launched on the 14-kilometre route Uttara-Agargaon. This will revolutionize the transportation system of the capital.

PM said the country's first underwater tunnel, the Karnafuli River Tunnel in Chittagong, will be opened next October.

She said the first unit of the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant is expected to be commissioned by the end of 2023. The 1,200-megawatt power plant, built at a cost of Tk 1.13 trillion, is the largest development project in the country's history.

Last month, the 1320 MW Pigeon Power Plant was inaugurated ahead of schedule. She said, "Implementation of other mega projects is progressing fast. These achievements have been made possible due to far-sighted political thinking and the implementation of far-sighted economic programs. As a result of running the country with the participation of the people while upholding the democratic trend, Bangladesh today has become a 'role model' of development.

Regarding commodity prices, the PM said the government is trying its best to bring relief to the people.

She said the situation caused by the coronavirus epidemic, the Russia-Ukraine war and the war has created instability in commodity prices in the world market.

Fuel prices have risen abnormally. International transport fares have also risen sharply. As a result, the prices of some products have also gone up in Bangladesh. "But we are not lazy. We are trying our best to give relief to the common people.

She said that during the holy month of Ramadan, the government is providing subsidized items to about one crore families at affordable prices through TCB.

Sheikh Hasina said the Department of Livestock in the capital has the arrangement to sell meat, eggs and milk at affordable prices through 15 freezer vans every day. "As a result, the prices of many necessities have already come down to normal."

Besides, on the occasion of the upcoming Eid, the government has given a special allocation of one lakh 330 metric tons of rice against one crore 33 thousand 54 VGF cards.

The PM wished everyone a Happy Bengali New Year. She said, ‘Although many Bengali traditions have been lost due to various injuries. Yet the celebration of the New Year on the first Baishakh survives with its own glory.

On the eve of this auspicious moment in 1429, she called upon all to come forward to build Bangladesh as a happy and prosperous golden Bengal.

Sheikh Hasina said, "Pahela Boishakh inspires us to adopt a liberal lifestyle by avoiding all narrowness and ignorance. It gives us strength and removes all clutter and weariness from the heart and shows us the dream of living in a new venture.

The PM urged all to join the celebrations of Pohela Baishakh and enjoy the joy of Bengali New Year by maintaining hygiene as coronavirus is not completely gone yet.

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