Printed on Thu Oct 06 2022 7:42:56 PM

'Khaleda Zia will lead BNP's struggle after recovery'

Staff Correspondent
Mirza Fakhrul
Mirza Fakhrul made the remarks at a discussion titled 'Global Disaster: Future Plans and Actions' organized by the BNP on the occasion of World Environment Day at the National Press Club on Saturday, june 06.

Noting the need for commitment of our leaders, especially political leaders and government party leaders, world leaders to protect the environment, the BNP secretary general said, "This government is not elected by the people. They have no relationship with the people, they have no responsibility towards the people. Gave a budget two days ago."

"How much money has been allocated for the environment? Interestingly, the World Bank has a fund on climate change. They have also received TK. 700 crore from that fund for several years. The main goal of the government's activities was to loot. I do not see any of their activities except looting.

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