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Missile attack in Saudi

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Missile attack
Ballistic missiles have been fired at Saudi Arabia's oil-rich east. Huthi rebels from Yemen reportedly carried out the attack on Saturday. However, Saudi Arabia resisted before the missile hit any target.

According to a source, the missile was repulsed before hitting the city of Dammam. However, two children were injured when the missile shattered and spread around the suburbs of Dammam. In addition, about 14 other residential buildings were slightly damaged. The state news agency SPA quoted the Saudi Defense Ministry as saying.

The Saudi coalition has blamed the Iranian-backed Houthi group for the attack. However, the Houthi group did not immediately claim responsibility for the attack. The Saudi coalition says two more missile strikes have been repelled in Jazan and Najran provinces.

Earlier, the Saudi coalition said it had repelled an attempt to attack Saudi Arabia with three explosive drones. Most of the country's oil fields are located in eastern Saudi Arabia. There have been several attacks in the area before.
In September 2019, two Aramco plants were attacked.

Yemen's Houthi rebels often carry out drone and missile strikes targeting Saudi Arabia. Earlier, they claimed responsibility for a series of attacks in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Defense Ministry said necessary steps would be taken to ensure the country's security. In 2015, the Saudi-led coalition began intervening in the war in Yemen. That is why the country has become a target of Houthi attacks.

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