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Momen calls for lifting of sanctions against RAB

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Momen calls for lifting
Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen has called on US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to lift sanctions against the RAB and its 6 current and former officials.

Momen made the call at a bilateral meeting in Washington on Monday night.

After the meeting, Momen told reporters, "I told him that there was a problem of militancy and terrorist activities in Bangladesh. A grenade attack on an AL rally killed 24 people and injured more than 300. There was panic among the people. RAB plays an important role in eliminating these.

"Your former ambassador, James Moriarty, also praised the role of the RAB," Momen told Blinken in Washington.

"Now the US sanctions will discourage the youth of the country from joining the RAB," Momen said. However, there is an accountability system in the organization. Those who have made mistakes have been brought under the law.

"There are no allegations of anyone being killed by the RAB in the last four months," he said.

Asked about Blinken's response to his remarks, Momen said: "They have a specific process and they will go through it.

"I am very optimistic about lifting the ban on the RAB," he added.

Momen also asked Blinken to renew the GSP facility, which was suspended in 2013.

In response, Blinken said he was aware of the allegations about labor issues in Bangladesh.

"They say that if we can improve the labor system, they can restore the GSP facility," Momen was quoted as saying by Blinken.
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