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More than 200 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in missile attack

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More than 200 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in a single day in an attack by Russian forces. The Russian military has also fired missiles at 17 Ukrainian military installations. The attacks, carried out by Russian soldiers on Saturday, April 30th, caused casualties.

Russia has also said that a Ukrainian military command post and military depot were destroyed. This information was given by the news agency in a report on Saturday night.

Russia's armed forces say they fired high-precision missiles at 17 Ukrainian military installations on Saturday. They also destroyed a Ukrainian military command post and a military depot. The military depot was used to store rockets and artillery.

Meanwhile, Russia's Defense Ministry said in an online post that more than 200 Ukrainian soldiers had been killed in a day-long airstrike by Russian forces on Saturday. At the same time, 23 armored vehicles were destroyed in the attack.

Kyiv has also accused Russia of attacking the airport in the southern Ukrainian city of Odesa. The country also said that the runway of the airport was damaged and ineffective due to the missile attack.

Although the local Governor confirmed the information, the Russian Defense Ministry's online post did not mention anything about it.


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