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Asia's 'Most Wanted Drug Emperor' arrested in Amsterdam

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Most Wanted Drug Emperor
Police in the Netherlands have claimed to have arrested the alleged leader of one of the world's largest drug trafficking groups. Australia had issued an arrest warrant against Che Lop.

The Chinese-born Canadian is said to be the head of a drug syndicate called 'The Company'. 'The Company' operates the 7 thousand crore USD illicit drug market across Asia.

Police arrested Che Lop, one of the world's top drug dealers, from Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport. Australia will now apply for the extradition of Chi Lope.

The Australian Police Department says 'The Company', also known as the Sam Gore Syndicate, controls about 70 per cent of illegal drugs entering the country.

Because of his vast illicit business empire, 56-year-old Chi Lope has been compared to the notorious Mexican drug lord "El Chapo" Guzman.

Australian police have been monitoring Chi Lope's movements for almost 10 years before he was arrested on Friday. She was arrested before boarding a flight to Canada.

The news agency Reuters published a special investigative report on Chi Lope in 2019. Where he is referred to as the ‘Most Wanted’ person in Asia.

A Reuters report, citing UN figures, said that in 2018 alone, the Chi Lop Syndicate earned 1.7 crore USD by selling methamphetamine.

According to Reuters, about 20 agencies from different countries have been working in an operation called 'Operation Kungur' led by the Australian police to catch Chi Lope.

He was jailed for nine years in the United States in the 1990s for drug trafficking before being arrested.

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