Printed on Thu Oct 22 2020 6:35:22 AM

MP Nixon Chowdhury sued by EC

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Nixon Chowdhury
The Election Commission (EC) has filed a case against MP Nixon Chowdhury for allegedly insulting and threatening an executive magistrate while on duty at the polling station. Faridpur district senior election officer Nawabul Islam filed the case in the Charbhadrasan police station on Thursday morning.

Earlier, Chief Election Commissioner KM Nurul Huda said after a meeting with law enforcement agencies on Wednesday, October  Member of Parliament  Nixon Chowdhury."

Maybe today or tomorrow the case will be filed in the police station. The signs that we have are enough to behave outside the rules. That is why there will be a case against him.

He said, "The behavior of the MP of Faridpur-4 constituency is not desirable. He has violated the electoral code of conduct. The provisions of the Act shall apply to the provisions of the Act. That's all I can say. "

Faridpur's Charbhadrasan Upazila Parishad by-election was held on Saturday. During the election, MP Nixon allegedly called Charvadrasan's UNO and threatened to see another executive magistrate, calling him a 'baby pig'.

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