Printed on Mon Sep 26 2022 8:29:20 AM

'MV Ovijan-10 caught fire from gas cylinder explosion'

Staff Correspondent
MV Ovijan-10
Eyewitness Cabin Boy Yasin, 19, told that a gas cylinder in the canteen exploded next to the engine room on the ground floor of "MV Ovijan-10" is the reason for the fire, said a cabin boy of the launch.

Cabin boy Yassin said, 'The canteen is next to the engine room behind the ground floor of the launch. The cylinder exploded with a loud noise and caught fire, which quickly spread to the engine room.

He added, "The 13 barrels of diesel stored there that fuelled the fire. The fire went from the engine room to the deck."

"It hit the curtain on the deck window and spread to the second floor," he said.

"There was a tea shop on the second floor. The fire intensified when the cylinder of the ship exploded."

"The whole launch was set on fire," Yassin said.

Yassin added, "After the fire broke out, the passengers on the deck tried to put it out. Some people jump into the river."

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