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Happy birthday 'Nagar Baul' James

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Nagar Baul James
Nagar Baul James, full name Faruq Mahfuz Anam James. Beyond the country, he is known as Nagarbaul James in the international arena. Today is October 2, his birthday. This music legend set foot today at the age of 57.

James was born in Naogaon, but he grew up in Chattogram. His father was a government official who later served as chairman of the Dhaka Education Board. Although James liked music, his family did not. As a teenager, he left home. That is when his music career started in a boarding called Aziz Boarding in Chattogram.

With a few friends, including Ehsan Elahi Fanti, he founded a band called Feelings and began his career as the band's lead guitarist and vocalist.

His first album 'Station Road' was released in 1988. James released an album called 'Ananya' which became a super hit. The albums 'Jail Theke Bolchhi' in 1993, Nagar Baul in 1996, Lais Fita Lais in 1998, and Collection of Feelings in 1999 were released by Feelings Band.

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