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Najla Romdhane, the first-ever woman prime minister in Tunisia

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Najla Bouden Romdhane
Tunisia, a North African country on the Mediterranean coast got its first-ever woman prime minister. President Kais Saied took over executive power just two months ago, dismissing the prime minister and suspending parliament. This time he appointed a female engineer named Najla Bouden Romdhane (63) as the Prime Minister.

Qatar-based Al Jazeera reported this.

Many are complaining about the abuse of power by the Tunisian president at home and abroad. In such a situation, on Wednesday, he appointed a woman who has no political experience.

The news agency Anadolu also reported the information.

"For the first time in Tunisia's history, a woman will lead the government," he said in a video message posted on the president's social media handle.

"She will work hard to eradicate corruption and chaos in various government institutions."

The Arab Spring brought about a radical change in Tunisia's state and government system. The new constitution was written in 2014. According to the constitution, the newly appointed female prime minister has doubts about how much power she will get.

"This is an emergency government that will hold the president accountable," said President Kais Saied, who took over the executive branch last week.

Who is this Najla Bouden Romdhane?

Born in 1958 in the central Tunisian province of Kairouan, Najla Romdhane is a professor of geology at the National School of Engineers in the capital, Tunis.

Prior to her appointment as Prime Minister, she was involved in the implementation of various World Bank projects on behalf of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science-Based Research.

In 2011, Nazla Ramadan was appointed Director-General of the Quality Control Department of Education and Research in the Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education.

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