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Nancy got married for the third time

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Nazmun Munira Nancy
It was said that popular Bangladeshi singer Nazmun Munira Nancy will get married in September. But that's where it is, in the last week of August, she got married for the third time to lyricist Mohosin Mehdi in a family arrangement.

Although she did not give a date for the wedding, Nancy told that she got married at the end of August with a few people in her house on the advice of her elder brother. If the situation is alright some arrangements will be organized.

Nancy's husband, Mohosin Mehedi, is currently the head of one of the country's leading audio production companies.

Earlier in April this year, Nancy said that she is not living with her second husband Nazimuzzaman Zayed.

Nazmun Munira Nancy married businessman Abu Syed Sourob in 2006. She officially ended her six-year marriage on May 24, 2012. Their only daughter is Rodela. Nancy later married Nazimuzzaman Zayed on March 4, 2013.

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