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'Best opportunity for Bangladesh to qualify for ODI World Cup'

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Nigar Sultana
Bangladesh could never play in the main round of the Women's ODI World Cup. However, the reality of the team may change this time. Captain Nigar Sultana flew the lantern of hope.

Today, November 21, Bangladesh will play its first match against Pakistan. The other opponents of Bangladesh in Group B are Zimbabwe, Thailand, and the United States.

Everyone else in the ICC rankings is below Bangladesh except Pakistan.

Although not because of that, captain Nigar says, this is the best opportunity for Bangladesh.

"I think this is the best opportunity for Bangladesh to qualify for the World Cup," she told CrickBuzz in an interview just before her opening match on Sunday.

This time we all came here with a dream, to play in the Cricket World Cup. We are working with the goal of playing in the World Cup. And I hope we do well there."

As the opponent is Thailand and the United States, Bangladesh does not know much about the strength of the opponent. In such a situation, the captain of the Bangladesh women's team wants to go ahead with every match.

"We want to go from match to match," she said.

"Take the men's T20 World Cup, we saw there, cricket is everyone's game, a game of uncertainty. We therefore cannot take anyone lightly.

We don't know much about the power of the United States, Thailand, Pakistan. I only saw something in the media, I didn't see the game face to face."

Nigar, who was in charge before the World Cup, said the presence of three senior cricketers, Salma Khatun, Jahanara Alam, and Rumana Ahmed, would make things easier for her.

"I learned a lot from them," she said.

"Be it in preparation matches, or in any tournament whenever they have played under me, I have taken their advice. They have shown me the way in many ways and I hope to get their help in the future too."

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