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Nigar wants to present historic moment in World Cup

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Nigar Sultana
For the first time, the Bangladesh women's cricket team has qualified for the main stage of the Women's ODI World Cup. The Tigresses have left the country on February 03. After a ten-day quarantine, the team starts their mission in New Zealand.

The ICC has invited the captains of each country to write columns ahead of the tournament. Bangladesh women's team captain Nigar Sultana expressed her thoughts on the World Cup.

The column written by Nigar is highlighted-

Playing in the ICC Women's Cricket World Cup has long been a dream come true for us. Despite playing in three T20 World Cups, we have never played in an ODI World Cup. So we are very excited and excited to perform on this huge stage. We want to make the most of this opportunity.

We have never played an ODI against England, Australia, or New Zealand, so this is going to be a new experience. We follow them on TV and on the Internet. I knew that one day we might have to play against them.

Our analysts have provided information on their strengths and weaknesses to help us prepare.

After our victory in the Asia Cup in 2018, Bangladesh women's cricket has changed a lot. People are showing a lot of interest now because they know that there is a women's team in Bangladesh - before that some people didn't even know that there is a women's team in Bangladesh.

Now people are getting interested and they want to know where and how we are going to play.

The interest of the media is also seen and when we qualified to play in the World Cup, the whole nation was very happy. Bangladesh is a cricket-loving country. Now the love for the girls' team is also seen. It increases the pressure but this pressure is good.

This competition is a huge opportunity for us because we can show that we have potential and we are improving as a team. If we do well there, more teams will be interested in playing against us, more international cricket will return to our country and Bangladesh Cricket Board will also try to increase domestic matches.

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