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About 140 students missing in Nigeria

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A total of 140 students have gone missing after gunmen attacked a residential school in Nigeria's Kaduna state. The students are believed to have been abducted by gunmen. This is the tenth abduction of a school in Nigeria since last December.

Qatar-based Al-Jazeera reported on Monday that gunmen attacked a dormitory at Bethel Baptist High School in the southern state of Kaduna. 140 students of the school have been abducted in the overnight attack. 26 people including a teacher have been rescued.

Reverend John Hayab, one of the school's founders, told Reuters that 25 students had escaped. Among them is his 17-year-old son.

According to John Hayab, there were about 180 students in the school. They were in the process of sitting for the exam.

Emanuel Paul, a teacher at the school said, "140 of our students have been abducted. Only 25 people were rescued. We still don't know where the students were taken."

However, Kaduna state police spokesman Muhammad Jalig confirmed the attack but could not confirm the exact number of people abducted.

"Operations are underway to rescue the abducted students," he said.

"No one has claimed responsibility for the attack. No ransom was demanded."

They also took a one-year-old child of a nurse with them. The incident took place at the National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Center Hospital on Sunday morning local time. This information has been known from the sources of the police and hospital officials.

A spokeswoman for the hospital, Miriam Abdul Razzaq, told Reuters the attack lasted for hours on Sunday morning. The attackers picked up six people. Two of the nurses and one of their one-year-old children were picked up.

Regarding the attack, Abdul Razzaq said, "No one has yet demanded ransom after they were taken away."

However, local police say gunmen picked up eight people from the hospital quarters after the attack. Police are still trying to rescue the abducted hospital staff.

Meanwhile, Kaduna police spokesman Muhammad Jariz said in a separate statement that gunmen had attacked the divisional police headquarters at the same time. The attack was carried out to disperse the police officers in charge. The attackers exchanged fire with the police at that time. Several attackers were injured.

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