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Gunmen attack Nigeria prison

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Nigeria prison
Gunmen have attacked a Nigerian prison. Qatar-based Al-Jazeera quoted a Qatari official as saying.

Olanrewazu Anjorin, a spokesman for the Oyo Correctional Center in Oyo State, said on Saturday, October 23 that gunmen carried out the attack late Friday night.

"I can't say exactly how many prisoners escaped or were re-arrested," he said.

However, security has been tightened there and in the city. In the meantime, the investigation committee has also started working. Francis Enobor of the Nigerian Prison Service also confirmed the incident.

This is the third attack on a prison in Nigeria this year. Prison break-outs are a recurring theme in the country.

Police were able to re-arrest very few of the escaped prisoners. According to local media, at least 4,307 prisoners have escaped from the country's prisons since 2017. In 2021, more than 2,000 prisoners escaped from prisons in two separate incidents.

An analysis of the recent attacks shows that prisons are being attacked in a similar manner. Authorities were able to re-arrest some of the escaped prisoners after the incident. It is also known that prisoners sometimes return voluntarily.

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