Printed on Wed Sep 28 2022 6:28:40 PM

'Mysterious' explosion in Russia-Europe oil pipeline in Ukraine

International desk
oil pipeline in Ukraine
Russian state media reported a fire at a gas pipeline that followed an explosion in the separatist-held areas of eastern Ukraine late Friday night.

Some media reports and commentators on social media said the explosion targeted the Druzhba “gas pipeline,” though Druzhba is a major oil pipeline servicing Europe and also does not actually run near the breakaway Luhansk area. A gas pipeline that is in the vicinity has previously been hit, with no impact on Russian gas exports.

The state company that manages gas pipelines in Luhansk said a fire had been quickly extinguished. In recent days, the OSCE, which monitors the shaky cease-fire between the separatists and the Ukrainian military, has reported an increase in actions along the line of contact.
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