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Japanese doctors demand cancellation of Olympic Games

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Olympic Games
Japanese doctors have voted in favor of canceling the Olympic Games. Even Olympic medical volunteers agree with these physicians.

According to Reuters, less than 10 weeks are left before the start of the Tokyo Olympic Games. But the Corona situation in Japan is not good at all. Every day the local people are voting for the cancellation of these games.

However, the organizers are guaranteeing a safe Games. They want to organize these games at any cost.

A group of about 6,000 doctors working in Tokyo said they were struggling to cope with the virus. They also expressed concern that the number of victims could increase at any time.

A statement from the group said, "We recommend that the Games be canceled at this time, considering the number of casualties and the number of deaths."

Their message has caused some concern to the Japanese government, the Games Organizing Committee and the International Olympic Committee. They demanded an urgent discussion on the issue.

Earlier last week, the Japanese Hospital Physicians' Union said it was "absolutely impossible" to hold games safely in Tokyo at the moment. The Japanese government has extended the state of emergency in several cluster areas, including Tokyo, until the end of May. The Tokyo Olympic Games are scheduled to start on July 23.

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