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South Korea reports five Omicron cases

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Omicron cases South Korea
A new variant of the coronavirus, Omicron, has been identified in South Korea.

This was reported by The Korea Herald.

According to the report, South Korea's Disease Control and Prevention Agency identified the first Omicron variant in the country last evening.

It also said that a couple was identified after arriving in South Korea from Nigeria on November 24.

Their PCR was tested on the day they arrived in South Korea. The next day their corona was found to be positive. Both of them have been vaccinated against coronavirus. Their teenage son has also been identified as infected with corona. However, the test results of his Omicron variant have not been announced yet.

On the same day, two more Omicron infected were identified. They also came from Nigeria. They were not vaccinated against coronavirus.

So far, at least five Omicron have been identified in South Korea, the report said.

According to the South Korean Disease Control and Prevention Agency, all patients with Omicron infected have mild symptoms.

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