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9 more cases of Omicron infections found

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Omicron infections
Omicron, a South African variant of coronavirus, has been identified in the bodies of nine more people in the country. So far the number of people identified with Omicron in the country stands at 30.

This information was revealed on Monday, January 10 by the Global Initiative on Sharing All Influenza (GISAID) in Germany.

Earlier on Saturday, January 7, GISAID reported the identification of Omicron in the country.

Earlier on Thursday, January 6, 10 cases of Omicron infections found in the country. On December 31, GISAID reported that Omicron had been identified in the bodies of three people. Omicron was detected in the bodies of one person on the evening of December 26 and three persons at night. The previous day, on the night of December 26, another case of Omicron variant was identified, GISAID said.

Omicron was first identified in the bodies of the first two on December 11 in the country. They are two Bangladeshi women cricketers returning to Zimbabwe.

According to the Department of Health, all those who were subsequently infected with Omicron, are in good health. Many of them have even been reported to have recovered and returned home.

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