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Things to be aware of online shopping

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Shopping through online can save your valuable time. It is definitely a positive thing. But the experience of shopping through online is not the same for everyone, some people have the experience of cheating.

You need to be careful not to be deceived when shopping online. In this case, it is a little difficult to understand the thing in advance. There are some things you need to keep an eye on to understand what is believable and what is not. Let's find out-

Check out the original website:

Fraudsters make replica of many famous or established websites. They do this by making subtle changes in design or spelling. That is why it does not understand suddenly.

So when you enter your desired website, pay attention to the design and spelling. Make sure you are on the right website. Also, if the web address does not have 's' with http, that is, if you do not have https, do not browse the website. Because the original website must have https at the beginning. The website will have a full domain name, i.e. WWW Dot (WWW.), Followed by a name and finally Dotcom (.COM). The website will not start with any random number.

Reviews and addresses:

It is important to look at product reviews from where you want to shop. However, not all reviews are credible, and many times fake reviews may be given. In this case, you can notice whether the reviews are completely new, as well as whether they have been made from a fake account. Also check if the company has any real address and phone number.

Glamorous ads and extra discounts:

The spread of the product increases through advertising. But be careful if that ad is flashy. Even with extra discounts, refrain from buying them. Because no trader will sell products to you at his own loss. So after seeing all this, do not order in a hurry and only order after searching well.

Notice the age of the page:

Most of the pages that related to fraudulent are newly created. So before ordering from any new page, do a good search. See if they come Facebook live with the product on the page or not. Fraudsters will never come live.

Product Verification-Sorting:

You need to see if there is a detailed description of the product you want to take. For example, you need to know about the product size, weight, ingredients used, etc. If necessary, find out by asking detailed questions in the message. If you have doubt about the product picture, you want to see the original picture. Also find out about the company's return and refund policy.

Be careful with advance payments:

The biggest way to defraud online shoppers is to take money in advance. It is better to refrain from advance payment if it is not established online. The best way is to buy products through cash on delivery.
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