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Padma Bridge is visible now

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Padma Bridge
Padma Bridge is visible now, another victory in the month of victory.The last span is sitting on the Padma bridge. The two banks of the Padma are connected. Through this the dream of 16 crore Bengali people is fulfilled. Direct communication of Dhaka with South Bengal is being opened. This is another victory in the month of victory.

The last span was placed on the 12th and 13th pillars of the bridge at Mawa side of Munshiganj on Thursday, December 10. Near the Pillar the day before

6.15 km of the bridge is visible by placing these two pillars located on the main river of Padma. Domestic and foreign engineers have completed the installation of the 40th span within six days.

Meanwhile, necessary steps have already been taken to ensure that the vessels moving around Pillars 12 and 13 do not interfere with the installation of spans. That is why Bangladesh Army boats are stationed there all the time. Instructions are being given to move at a safe distance.

Construction of the bridge began in December 2014. The first span was placed on September 30, 2017 on Pillars No. 37 and 38. 2,917 roadway slabs will be required for the construction of Padma Bridge. Besides, 2,959 railway slabs will be installed. These slabs are being laid in the spans placed at the ends of Mawa and Jajira.

The main shape of the 6.15 km long multipurpose bridge will be two storeys. The structure of Padma Bridge is being constructed with concrete and steel. Vehicles will run on the upper part of the bridge and trains on the lower part. China Major Bridge Engineering Company (MBEC), a Chinese contractor, is working on the construction of the main bridge and Sino Hydro Corporation, another company in the country, is working on river management.

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