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'Padma Bridge was built with the blessings of people'

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Chairperson of the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said 'there was a lot of pressure from inside and outside the country to implement the Padma Bridge. I was able to implement the Padma Bridge because of the people and their blessings'.

The ECNEC meeting was held on Wednesday, June 1, at the NEC Conference Room in Sher-e-Bangla Nagar under the chairmanship of Prime Minister and ECNEC Chairperson Sheikh Hasina. After the meeting, Planning Minister MA Mannan briefed the press on the Prime Minister's remarks.

At the press conference, the planning minister said that the Padma bridge was finally implemented. The Prime Minister has openly discussed various struggles and pressures in the implementation of the bridge at the ECNEC meeting. The Padma Bridge has been implemented because the people were by their side and they give blessings. The Prime Minister also said that there were many adversities inside and outside the country. These things are shared with us.

At the ECNEC meeting, the Prime Minister said, "We have done the job." He was overjoyed with it. The Prime Minister has many great achievements. However, the Padma Bridge is one of the achievements.

Highlighting the Prime Minister's directive, the planning minister said that if there is any electricity bill left, everyone has to pay it. If you do not pay the electricity connection will be cut off. Electricity bills have to be paid by everyone, public and private. Everyone must pay.

He further said that every land port needs to be further improved. The Prime Minister asked to set up modern installations and systems. We have to look at the implementation of rural roads. New roads need to be built. However, the Prime Minister said that the existing roads should be repaired first.


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