Printed on Thu Oct 06 2022 9:16:50 PM

Pakistan bans government officials from leaving the country

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Pakistan bans
In the wake of the prevailing situation in the country, the security and Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) immigration staff was put on high alert with a directive to stop any government official travelling abroad without a No-Objection Certificate (NoC), according to a senior FIA official.

The move came after Asad Qaiser announced his resignation as National Assembly speaker late on Saturday night and the process of voting on the no-confidence motion against prime minister Imran Khan was started.

The FIA’s immigration staff at all international airports of the country was placed on high alert and directed to stop all those government officials who intend to travel abroad without an NoC.

The Airport Security Force was also put on high alert and checking of passengers travelling abroad was increased.

The FIA and airport officials said they had received directives to remain alert and not to allow any government official from leaving the country without an NoC.
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