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'Bangladeshis working in peacekeeping missions are bringing fame'

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Addressing the Bangladeshis working in the peacekeeping mission, the Prime Minister said, "Wherever you go, you are brightening the image of the country. Because of your human qualities, we can say that the demand for peacekeepers from Bangladesh has always been a bit high for the United Nations."

Earlier on Thursday, the United Nations honored 129 people from 44 countries, including eight Bangladeshi peacekeepers who were killed while on duty in a UN peacekeeping mission, with the posthumous 'Dag Hammarskjöld Medal' for the highest sacrifice.

The United Nations awarded the 'Dag Hammarskjöld Medal' to 129 peacekeepers from 44 countries who sacrificed their lives in UN peacekeeping operations at a ceremony held at the UN headquarters on Thursday to mark the International Day of Peacekeepers. Of these, Bangladesh has eight peacekeepers, the most as a single country. This information was given in the notification given on the Facebook page of Bangladesh Permanent Mission to the United Nations.

In a virtual ceremony, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres handed over the medals of their respective countries to the Permanent Representatives of 44 countries, including Bangladesh. The award commemorates the power, purity and immortality of life dedicated to the noble cause of world peace.

The eight peacekeepers of Bangladesh who sacrificed their lives while on duty are: Abdul Mohammad, the warrant officer of the Minusma Mission in Mali. Halim; Manusco mission warrant officer in the Congo. Saiful Imam Bhuiyan, Sergeant Ziaur Rahman, Sergeant MD Mubarak Hossain and Lance Corporal Saiful Islam; Lance Corporal of the Minusca Mission to the Central African Republic Abdullah Al Mamun and Sergeant Ibrahim and Nurul Amin, Wasserman of the UNMIS Mission in South Sudan.

Rabab Fatima, Permanent Representative and Ambassador of Bangladesh to the United Nations, received the medals on behalf of Bangladesh. The mission's defense adviser Brigadier General Mohammad Chadekuzzaman also participated in the virtual event. The Bangladesh Permanent Mission to the United Nations will take steps to deliver these medals to the families of Bangladeshi peacekeepers killed while on duty.

In a condolence message on the occasion of the award ceremony, Ambassador Fatima said, "I pay my deepest respects to all the brave men and women in blue helmets who gave their lives under the banner of the United Nations and extend their deepest condolences to their families and relatives."

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