Printed on Wed Aug 10 2022 5:01:36 PM

PEC-Ebtedayee exams canceled

Staff Correspondent
The Prime Minister has approved the cancellation of this year's Primary Education Completion (PEC) and Ebtedayee examinations.

The matter has been confirmed by the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education.

It is learned that after the closure of the educational institution for the last one and a half years due to the Corona situation, direct class teaching activities have been started. However, even though the class activities started, it was not possible to complete the syllabus of the students. A short syllabus has been taught for the last three months. Fifth-grade class students are taking classes on three subjects every day for six days.

Although the PEC and Ebtedayee examinations start in November every year, no such preparation has been done before this year. Therefore, the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education sent a proposal to the Prime Minister on October 7 to cancel the final examination of the fifth-grade class this year. The Prime Minister's Office has approved the proposal.

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