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1 arrested with 3500 pieces of yaba

Staff Correspondent
pieces of yaba
Gandaria police under Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) has arrested a man with 3500 pieces of Yaba from Swamibagh Road in the capital. The name of the arrested is Sohail Hossain.

He was arrested along with Yaba from a paved road in front of the Panchayat's own graveyard at Saheb Bazar Mahalla on Swamibagh Road.

Gandaria Police Station Officer-in-Charge Mohammad Abu Saeed Al Mamun told about the rescue of Yaba and the arrest of the accused. He was later searched according to the rules and 3500 pieces of Yaba were recovered from a shopping bag in his hand.

The officer-in-charge said that after reviewing the police records, it was seen that there were two more cases in the name of arrested Sohel Hossain at Sirajdikhan police station in Munshiganj.

The arrested person has been sent to a wise court in the case filed at Gandaria police station, the police official said.

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