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PM reiterated the commitment to responding to call of UN

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PM reiterated UN
The prime minister acknowledge the invitation after the UN chief rang her up on Tuesday evening. The conversation lasted for 12 minutes, her Press Secretary Ihsanul Karim said.

She was happy that the Indonesian and Senegalese presidents and the Barbados and Denmark pm were joining the group.

Hasina said she was confident the group would meet its goals as she looked forward to intently working with other leaders.

She additionally said she was ready to engage in high-level dialogue, advocacy support and effort to satisfy the objectives of the group.

Guterres requested that PM Sheikh Hasina choose an agent to do the gathering's undertaking under the order of the United Nation.

PM briefed the UN chief about the effects of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine as well as the pandemic that has led to demolishing circumstances in numerous areas from food to fuel costs.

She appreciated the leadership role of the UN in forming such a global crisis managing group that focuses on food, energy and the financial system where the poor and the vulnerable across the world would remain safe.

The PM reiterated her commitment to responding to call of UN to contribute to global peace, stability and development. She also reiterated Bangladesh’s partnership with the UN in the areas of peacekeeping, SDG implementation, climate action and gender equality

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