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PM urged Maldives to be a development partner of Bangladesh

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PM urged Maldives
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina addressed the Maldivian national parliament. In her address this afternoon, December 23, she called on the Maldivian public and private sectors to be Bangladesh's development partners in the development journey for the next 50 years for mutual benefit.

She hopes, "Our warm and friendly relations will be further strengthened. Bangladesh is moving forward with potential and prosperity.

The Prime Minister remarked, "No country in the world can develop in isolation. The Covid-19 pandemic taught that all are interdependent and have to share their experiences for the sake of a better, secure, and prosperous world.

"We reiterate our principled position of collaboration with our neighbours in South Asia, as had been enunciated by our Father of the Nation," she said adding, "We're particularly encouraged to witness your development journey, your successful transition from LDC to a middle-Income country, and we hope Bangladesh and the Maldives would tap the complementarities".

The prime minister described 2021 as a landmark year for Bangladesh-Maldives bilateral relations with the exchange of high-level visits, fruitful bilateral discussions among relevant authorities, and goodwill exchange of collaboration on many areas of bilateral interests.

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