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Practicing journalism

Ranjak Rizvy
Practicing journalism
It is really difficult to write about journalism. Because it is not suitable to take as a profession for everyone. Those who understand a little more than everyone else, try to learn more and practice regularly; They basically choose journalism as a profession. To a journalist it is not just the country; There is news of various geo-equations including world politics and the economy. And its proper analysis is also available to the journalists.

I think it is important for journalists to know and be careful in presenting the right information correctly.

Now I can share some of my experiences.

Even if the mobile phone network is disrupted, you have to communicate through alternatives. In order to report any news in a newspaper or television, one has to be very careful whether the information that I deliver is correct or wrong. In case of emergency, of course, it is also the responsibility to draw the attention of the office or desk.

Television reporters will have noticed that as soon as an important event breaks on television, it is aired on all the televisions in a row. Maybe everyone informed the office together. Again, it may be that others are on air after watching television. It does not seem unusual for anyone to announce a court verdict. But when other events are aired in the same way, the question arises. And when the wrong news starts airing on all the televisions at the same time. Then the answer is easily found. If a correspondent from any area in the country is able to provide deliver the information; Then that television will never fall into confusion. Because the desk will wait until the correspondent gives the news. Because before the right news came, it was spread in some news. That is why we need to be careful.

The journalist must acquire some habits. Regularly watching television, speaking with a clear accent, and staying in practice. These are the qualities of a good journalist. When you don't have a chance to watch television. Ask someone else to see what news has been spread. What kind of news is gaining importance, it can be known from here. And it is important to know whether your news was spread or not.

Speaking in pure pronunciation is not something difficult; Only possible with a little caution. If there is too much inertia, it will be fine to take a few classes in the recitation organization. Or sitting at home and working with some words will cut all the inertia. At present, it is very important to give voice to the news.

Such words must be practiced; Similarly, there should be an effort to create sources and know the events at home and abroad. Contemporary events must be followed. At the same time, it is necessary to be politically aware.

Attempts by militant groups in the country have been noticed at different times. There have also been isolated social movements against this group. It is time to give importance to these news and play a role in building a beautiful Bangladesh for the next generation. Therefore, one has to play a role as a media worker to be aware of militancy and to make others aware as well. Not just militancy; The role of a journalist should be paramount against anything contagious.
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