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Private Bill in Parliament for proper use of agricultural land

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proper use agricultural land
A new bill has been introduced in the National Parliament for the proper use and protection of agricultural land in the country.

Jatiya Party MP Raushan Ara Mannan introduced the bill in Parliament on Thursday.

When the bill titled 'Agricultural Land (Appropriate Use and Conservation) Bill-2022' was introduced in the Parliament, Speaker Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury examined it and sent it to the Parliamentary Committee on Private Members Bill and Private Members' Resolution Proposal.

Members of Parliament other than ministers are called private members. Thursday of the week is called Private Member's Day in the National Parliament.

On the same day, the bills and proposals of the private members came up in the Parliament. However, due to the pandemic, the activities of this day have been going on like any other day.

The Agricultural Land (Appropriate Use and Preservation) Bill states that after the enactment of the law, all agricultural land in the country cannot be used for any purpose other than agriculture or rented or leased, or transferred in any other way.

However, the bill does not apply to the construction of houses for private residences, cemeteries, crematoriums, other places of religious burial, and religious institutions.

The proposed law provides for the formation of a supervisory committee for the proper use and conservation of agricultural land. The head of this committee will be the Upazila Nirbahi Officer of the concerned area. Besides, agriculture, land, fisheries, education, statistics, cooperatives, youth development, social services, women's affairs officer and chairman of all union Parishads will be its members.

The bill states that any person violating any provision of this Act shall be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or to a fine not exceeding Tk. 50,000.

The bill states that if someone builds an industrial factory, road, housing or other facility on agricultural land, the supervisory committee will issue a notice and order the demolition of the construction work.

The proposed law states that no compensation will be paid for demolition of construction work, regardless of what other provisions contain.

The bill states that offenses under this Act will be enforceable.
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