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Why girls don't propose first!

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February 7th to 14th is the week of love. Rose Day is followed by Propose Day. This is the day to tell what you have been trying to say for so long but can't. One thing to note, in this case the proposal comes more from the boys' side. It's not that girls don't propose at all. However, it is very low that it is not noticed many times.

Why do boys propose first in most cases? Why can't the girl express her love? The girl who likes to speak openly should also hide her face in this case. What are the reasons behind that girls do not propose before?

Let's find out-

Girls are naturally shy compared to boys. So they think about what might happen if they go ahead and express their love or propose to the boy. They think that it may be shameful for her. So even if she loves, she waits for the boy to tell her about love.

Maybe the boy is her best friend. Girls do not want to lose this friendship. Maybe when she fell in love like a friend! But if he loses, if the friend does not accept her! Girls are afraid to propose first thinking that they will not be able to maintain friendship like before. However, this fear often works not only in the case of girls but also in the case of boys. They can't tell the woman of their choice about love for fear of losing the friendship.

Thinking how embarrassing it would be if the boy do not accept her proposal. That's why she suffers while maintaining her self-esteem.

History has shown that boys have been proposing. So, it is customary for girls to wait for boys' proposals.

There are some girls who break the norm, but most of the girls think it is normal that the boy will come first and tell about love.

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