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Anti-Taliban protests in Afghanistan, killed 4

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protests in Afghanistan
At least four people have been killed in anti-Taliban protests in Afghanistan. Says the UN Human Rights Commission UNHCHR.

According to various international media, people of different classes and professions took part in the protests against the Taliban-led government. The Taliban called on the protesters to return. At one stage, the protesters were shot dead.

Meanwhile, the United Nations has condemned the Taliban's crackdown on protesters demanding their rights. Last Wednesday, any kind of gathering was banned in the country.

On Thursday, the Taliban ordered all telecommunications companies in the capital, Kabul, to shut down the Internet to quell protests.

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Programme, 93 percent of the country's population is deprived of adequate food.

Meanwhile, a report in the Wall Street Journal says that in a matter of months, all the people of the country could face abject poverty.

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