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Massive protests in Austria against Covid strictures

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protests in Austria
Protest against the coronavirus vaccine in Vienna, Austria. They protested against the corona vaccination. It is known that at least 44,000 people took part in the protest against the Corona ban on Saturday local time.

Austria is the first country in the European Union to make corona vaccination compulsory.

Vaccination has been made compulsory for all residents above the age of 14 from next February. Ordinary people are angry that those who have not been vaccinated will stay at home. The movement is going on in protest of this.

The country said that about 44 thousand people took part in the protest. About one and a half thousand police personnel were deployed to prevent disorder surrounding the protest rally. Police arrested three people for setting fire and not wearing masks.

Protesters carried banners saying "No to compulsory vaccination" and chanted "We are the people," and "resistance". Smaller demonstrations were held in the cities of Klagenfurt and Linz.

The population of Austria is only 89 million. About 13,000 people have died and 12 lakh have been infected with the coronavirus in the country since the onset of the pandemic.

68 percent of the country's population has fully completed the vaccine dose, the lowest among Western European countries.

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