Printed on Mon Sep 26 2022 8:04:28 PM

Public transport will run from July 15

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Public transport
It has been decided to relax the strict lockdown given by the government to prevent the spread of Corona pandemic. Restrictions are being relaxed from Thursday, July 15 to July 23. At this time public transport will run from July 15 abide by the hygiene rules. The decision has been taken considering the movement of people on Eid-ul-Adha and trade in Pashurhat.

This information was given by the cabinet department on Monday afternoon, July 12.

It is learned that on the occasion of Eid, all the public transports will run with eight seats of relaxed shutdown leaving one seat vacant in accordance with the health rules. Shops and shopping malls will be opened. Although government offices are virtually open at this time, private offices will remain closed.

The shutdown order will be effective from 6 am on July 15 to 6 am on July 23. After Eid, the country will go on a two-week shutdown again.

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