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'Bangladesh should not join the Quad'

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China does not want Bangladesh to join the 'Quad', an alliance of the United States, India, Japan and Australia.

The Chinese ambassador said that if Bangladesh joins the 'Quad', the Dhaka-Beijing bilateral relations will be 'very bad'.

Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen said, what Bangladesh will do or not is their own business. Moreover, Bangladesh has never shown interest in joining the alliance quad.

On Monday, May 10, Chinese Ambassador to Dhaka Li Jiming made such remarks about Bangladesh on the issue of 'Quad' in a virtual exchange of views with the Diplomatic Correspondents Association.

In response to the Chinese ambassador's remarks, foreign ministry officials said Bangladesh had not shown any interest in joining the 'Quad'. Dhaka will not join any military alliance - this is a clear message from the government. Another official of the ministry said that there is no question of bringing danger to Bangladesh by itself. Dhaka will be governed according to our diplomatic policy.

Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen said ‘It is up to us whether we will do it or not. And none of us were invited to the 'Quad', nor did we show interest. They (China) can only give their opinion as an independent and sovereign state.

Since Bangladesh has not shown any interest in joining the 'Quad' so far. Asked if the government would respond to any remarks made by the Beijing envoy, Foreign Minister Momen said: "We do not want to talk about these. We will follow our diplomatic policy. We don't usually welcome these provocative remarks. "

Meanwhile, Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe arrived in Dhaka on April 26 for a short one-day visit. During the visit, Fenghe informed Dhaka that his country considers 'Quad' as an 'anti-China alliance'.

Ambassador Li Jiming said on the issue of 'Quad', "I want to make it clear that joining this four-member club would not be good for Bangladesh.Because it will severely damage bilateral relations with China."

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