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Some tips for you if you want to quit smoking

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quit smoking
Smoking is harmful to health. There is no organ in the body that is not damaged by the effects of smoking.

Some of the diseases caused by smoking are stroke, various types of cancer (such as an oral cavity, throat, lungs, etc.), heart attack, gastric, ulcer, high blood pressure, kidney failure.

For those who have been addicted to smoking for a long time, it is very difficult to decide to quit smoking. But it is even more difficult to implement the decision.

But if you are determined to quit smoking, here are some simple tips to quit smoking.

The first step in quitting smoking is to have a clear plan. Set a specific date by promising yourself. This date cannot be postponed in any way. When choosing a date, explain to yourself that this is the last date to quit smoking.

Make a list of why you quit smoking. There are many reasons to quit smoking. Make a solid list of your decisions by thinking. The list must include your health risks, the health risks to the people around you due to secondhand smoke, the effects of smoking on future generations, financial waste, and so on. Then when the urge to smoke awakens, you will start thinking about these reasons. This will reduce your interest in smoking.

You can quit smoking - hold this confidence in yourself. You may not have been successful in planning to quit smoking before. So you can't say it again, get it out of your head. Make sure that previous mistakes are not repeated.

Many people love to smoke after certain meals, especially after lunch or dinner. According to a study in the United States, for many people, smoking becomes more enjoyable after eating meat. On the other hand, smoking loses some taste after eating fruits or vegetables. So if you want to quit smoking, you can avoid meat for a while and put vegetables and fruits on the food list. And harden your mind after eating. Move to a place or room where there is no opportunity to smoke.

Researchers say that many people smoke while drinking alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, tea, coffee, etc. They think it enhances the taste of the drink. So give up the habit of such drinks and drink fruit juice and water.

Keep yourself busy to keep your mind away from the thought of smoking. Identify the times of the day when you feel the urge to smoke. Then keep yourself busy during those times. If you can't find a job, take a walk. You can also keep yourself busy by exercising or chatting with family members. It will be easier to forget about smoking if you are busy.

The role of the people around you in quitting smoking is invaluable. So avoid chatting with smoking friends as much as possible. At least refrain from direct chat with smoking friends for the first few days after quitting smoking. At the same time try to spend time with non-smoking friends.

If you want to smoke, put chocolate, lozenge, or chewing gum in your mouth. Keep lozenges, or chewing gum in your pocket instead of cigarettes, matchboxes.

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