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Ranveer Singh in the role of Ravana

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Ranveer Singh
Bollywood directors and producers are taking to the field one after another to bring the story of 'Ramayana' to the screen. Next year, the epic will be presented in two different films. One of them is 'Tanhaji' movie 'Adipurush' directed by Om Raut. Ramchandra as 'Bahubali' starrer Prabhas, Sita as Kriti Sanon and Ravana as Saif Ali Khan.

This time it was heard that director Alaukik Desai is going to present the story of 'Ramayana' based on the screenplay written by the famous storyteller K. V. Vijayendra Prasad in the film series 'Bahubali'.

Citing a close source, the Indian media reported that the name of the film is going to be 'Sita'. The story of Ramayana will be presented to the audience from Sita's point of view. According to the source, the filmmakers may offer either Kareena Kapoor and Alia Bhatt to play the role of Sita in the film. Besides, it is also known that Ranveer Singh has already been offered to play the role of Ravana in this film. It is heard that this film is going to be made on a skyrocketing budget. ‘Bahubali’ will almost compete with the type of picture!

Although there is a conflict between Kareena or Alia in the role of 'Sita', the director-producer of this film wants Ranveer very much in the role of 'Ravana'. If Kareena Kapoor agrees for 'Sita', then for the first time on the big screen, viewers will see Ranveer and Kareena together.

Earlier, the two stars were supposed to work together in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's 'Ram Leela'. However, Kareena did not want to work against Ranveer at that time. After that, Ranveer Singh and Kareena both wanted to work with each other on screen in multiple interviews.

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