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Rebel leader of Liberia is on trial for war crimes

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Rebel leader of Liberia
A trial has begun in Finland against a suspected rebel leader of Liberia for allegedly committing atrocities in the country's civil war.

Prosecutors say Gibril Massaquoi, who was born in Sierra Leone during Liberia's civil war from 1999 to 2003, was a senior member of a rebel group. He is accused of killing, raping civilians,unarmed soldiers and recruiting children as soldiers.

However, Massaquoi has denied the allegations.

Liberia's civil war has killed at least 2.5 lakh people. Neighboring Sierra Leone was later involved in the civil war.

Gabriel, 51, was a commander in Sierra Leone's infamous rebel group, The Revolutionary United Front (RUF). The group took part in the Liberian civil war. The group was known for its brutality of killing and raping civilians as well as mutilating them.

The Special Court for Sierra Leone was established with the support of the United Nations to investigate allegations of war crimes committed during the civil war. Gibril Massaquoi was deported to Finland in 2008 as part of a witness protection program that acquitted people involved in war crimes in Sierra Leone. However, those involved in war crimes in Liberia have not been acquitted under the program.

Gabriel was arrested last March in the Finnish city of Tampere. Now he is facing trial.

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