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'Decision to release Messi was very bad'

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release Messi was very bad
The departure of former president Josep Maria Bartomeu from Barcelona was a shame. He pushed the club into huge debts and was also involved in slandering the players. However, Bartomeu criticized the current president Joan Laporta about the current situation in Barcelona.

Bartomeu has been in charge of Barcelona for almost a year. Despite many discussions and criticisms, he kept his mouth shut. In the end, he opened his mouth and criticized the current president. Bartomeu blamed Laporta for releasing Lionel Messi.

But Messi wanted to leave the club in his time. Bartomeu was able to block the release clause of 700 million euros. However, Laporta left Messi the following season. The former president thinks that the decision to release Messi is very bad.

Although he wanted to leave Barca last season, Messi wanted to stay at the club this season. He had already settled the verbal agreement. He was struck by lightning in his head when he went to make a formal contract after spending his summer vacation. He has not been able to sign a contract back to La Liga's financial regulation. However, many claims that Barcelona did not try hard enough to hold Messi.

However, without Messi, Barcelona is doing well this season. The position in La Liga is not good. They are in ninth place on the list with 12 points in 7 matches.

Former club president Bartomeu said: "They have left Messi and I think it's a bad decision. Playing without Messi means a lot to change. As president, I never wanted Messi to leave and I did everything I could to prevent that from happening."

Explaining why it was wrong to release Messi, the former president said, "I have always thought that he (Messi) is not only an essential player for us but also plays a big role in the financial development and institutionalization of the club. Leaving Messi was a big mistake.

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