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Districts that at risk of earthquakes

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risk of earthquakes
The tendency of earthquakes is increasing in the country. Sylhet is one of the most earthquake prone areas. A significant earthquake has been felt in Sylhet in the last few days. Frequent earthquakes in Sylhet are spreading panic all over the country. Experts say that small earthquakes are felt before or after large earthquakes.

One of the main causes of earthquakes is the tectonic plate. Bangladesh is at the junction of three plates. Sylhet is located between the Indian and Burmese plates. Dauki Fault is in the north of Sylhet. Tectonic plates accumulate a lot of energy, and this accumulated energy is released through earthquakes.

According to a report in the journal Nature Geoscience, there is a risk of major earthquakes in Bangladesh. According to the map of earthquake prone areas in Bangladesh, Sylhet and Chattogram are high risk areas.

Researchers from the United States, Bangladesh and Singapore say Sylhet, Rangamati, Bandarban, Cox's Bazar, Dhaka and Chittagong districts are moderately risky and the western and south-western regions are the least risky. There have been no major earthquakes in the last 500 to 1000 years in the hilly areas of Chittagong from Dauki Fault or Sylhet. As a result, recent earthquakes are predicting major earthquakes.

Seven earthquakes were felt in Sylhet on May 29 and once on May 30. Two earthquakes struck within a minute and a half on Monday, June 8.

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