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Habits that increase the risk of stroke

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Bleeding or stroke in the brain is a disease of the blood vessels in the brain. When those blood vessels rupture or become blocked, oxygen and nutrients to the brain tissue are blocked, resulting in a stroke. We are accustomed to many unhealthy activities in our past life due to which we are unknowingly calling for the risk of stroke. Various factors such as unhealthy eating habits, excessive drinking, or smoking increase the risk of stroke many times over. Anyone who is accustomed to an uncontrolled lifestyle can get the disease at any time.

According to researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine, Contraceptive pills can increase the risk of stroke. Women accustomed to such drugs are at higher risk of stroke. According to experts, birth control pills contain the hormone estrogen, which increases the risk of stroke.

Smokers are at the highest health risk worldwide. The habit of smoking causes a lot of damage to the heart and respiratory system including brain stroke. Medicine expert John Hopkins said smoking nearly doubles the risk of brain stroke.

Laziness is abducting your success from your life as well as pushing you towards serious health risks. Reluctance to work, being inactive, or not exercising regularly can not only cause you to be overweight, but it can also cause you serious illness. Laziness increases your risk of stroke and puts you at risk for many more chronic diseases.

Excessive drinking of alcohol can lead to stroke, according to Johns Hopkins medicine experts. They said that drinking too much alcohol every day raises blood pressure. People who drink a lot of alcohol in a short period of time have a higher risk.

If you do not drink enough water throughout the day, toxins increase in the body. Since then there are various problems like acidity. Acidity gradually causes people to suffer. Its consequences can occur through the stroke.

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