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43,000 deaths in road accident in last 6 year

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The Bangladesh Passengers Welfare Association has said that 43,856 people have been killed in road accidents in the country in the last six years.

Secretary-General of the organization Mozammel Haque Chowdhury in a statement sent to the media today highlighted the casualties in road accidents and said that the ruling Awami League had neglected to implement its promise to make the roads safe before the formation of the government in the third term.

He demanded the implementation of the government's election promise for safe roads.

Citing the government's health department, the Passenger Welfare Association says an average of 64 people are killed in road accidents every day across the country. More than one and a half hundred people are injured daily.

Picture of last 6 years road accident:

According to the Bangladesh Passenger Welfare Association, 8,642 people were killed and 21,855 injured in 6,581 road accidents in 2015.

In 2016, 6,055 people were killed and 15,914 injured in 4,312 road accidents. In 2017, 7,397 people were killed and 16,193 injured in 4,979 road accidents. In 2018, 7,221 people were killed and 15,046 injured in 5,514 road accidents. In 2019, 7,855 people were killed and 13,330 injured in 5,516 road accidents. In 2020, 6,686 people were killed and 8,600 injured in 4,891 road accidents during the year-long lockdown due to corona infection.

In all, 43,856 people were killed and 91,358 injured in 31,793 road accidents in the last six years.

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