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Myanmar is positive to start Rohingya repatriation: Foreign Minister

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Rohingya repatriation
Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen said Myanmar had responded positively to the start of Rohingya repatriation through pre-scheduled conversations in the first week of February.

"We have received some positive feedback," the minister told after attending an event in the capital. We told them (Myanmar) that there is an opportunity to take back their citizens.

The foreign minister said they had given a list to start repatriation and Bangladesh had asked them to start.

Mr. Momen said if the Rohingya issue is not resolved, peace and development in the region will be hampered. He added that a director-level meeting with Myanmar would be held in the first week of February this year.

Earlier, Myanmar had promised to start repatriation of Rohingyas on the basis of a bilateral agreement signed with Bangladesh in 2017.

Recently, Myanmar's Minister for International Cooperation Kyaw Tin said this in a letter to AK Abdul Momen.

Besides, the minister said in the letter that Myanmar is committed to peaceful coexistence with all neighboring countries including Bangladesh and resolving issues of mutual interest.

Kyaw Tin said Myanmar wants to resolve any bilateral issues on the basis of mutual partnership with neighboring countries.

The Minister hoped that the tripartite meeting between China, Myanmar and Bangladesh held on January 19 would expedite the rapid repatriation of the displaced Rohingya people of Myanmar.

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