Printed on Fri Oct 07 2022 12:50:20 AM

Romania desires to take employees from Bangladesh

Staff Correspondent
Romania desires
Stating that there is a huge demand for Bangladeshi workers in various sectors of the Romanian labor market, Bucharest Mayor Robert Sorin Negoita, who is visiting Dhaka, said that the country is interested in hiring workers from Bangladesh.

Bucharest Mayor Robert Sorin Negoita called on Minister for Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment Imran Ahmed at his office on Tuesday, March 15. At that time, the mayor expressed his country's interest.

When the mayor of Bucharest informed about the demand for Bangladeshi workers in his country, the Minister for Expatriate Welfare said that skilled workers are being created through proper training and certification as per the demand of the international labor market.

Noting that the workers of Bangladesh are very hardworking, Minister Imran said, "Our workers have contributed to the development activities of many countries of the world." They also discussed issues of mutual interest and cooperation between the two countries.

At the Secretary of the Ministry. Ahmed Muniruch Salehin, Deputy Mayor of Bucharest Victor Neagu, Director General of the Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training. Shahidul Alam, Additional Secretary of the Ministry. Abdul Quader and Marius Daniel Siobica, City Manager, Bucharest; Mohammad Rafiqul Islam, President, Romania Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce;
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