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Ronaldo's special appeal to fans in 'most important' match of his Career

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Ronaldo's special appeal
Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal is a much more favorite team on the way to the World Cup after Italy was knocked out by Turkey on the day of Peru's defeat. However, Ronaldo has repeatedly said that there is no way to treat Macedonia lightly. He is expecting strong support from the jam-packed gallery by spectators for the World Cup confirmation match. That is why this star has made a special appeal to the supporter.

Portugal will play in the play-off final against North Macedonia in Porto on Tuesday at 1:15 pm Bangladesh time. Ronaldo will be sure to go to Qatar after winning the match.

Portugal beat Turkey 3-1 in the semi-finals of the playoffs last Thursday. On the same day, Euro champion Italy lost 1-0 to North Macedonia in another semi-final.

Ronaldo feels that the task will not be easy even if Italy does not reach the final. In this match at home, therefore, Cristiano urged the fans are to shake the field and shout, 'A call to the fans, they should make the opponent completely dumb with their voices.'

One of the best footballers in the world wants to get out of the national anthem before the game, 'Everyone should remember this is the most important match of our lives. I thought last night before the match our national anthem should be sung with the audience without playing on the speaker. That will increase our emotions, increase our strength. And we will reach our goal. If the fans are smart then we will win.'

As a big team, the pressure is on Portugal. North Macedonia has nothing to lose, much to gain. However, Ronaldo thinks that the pressure is the same for everyone, they will win by overcoming that pressure, 'the pressure is the same for everyone. It doesn't matter who the opponent is. If Portugal plays their best game then we will lose to any team in the world. So I tell the fans we need strong support.
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