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Russia-Ukraine negotiations begin in Istanbul

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Representatives of Russia and Ukraine have begun in Istanbul, Turkey, to end the war. The talks were inaugurated on Tuesday morning by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

He called Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and Russian President Vladimir Putin "valuable friends." Erdogan said the progress of the talks would create an opportunity for the two leaders to meet. He also said that Turkey is ready to host the talks.

Stating that both Ukraine and Russia have "legitimate concerns", the Turkish president said, "we have reached a point where the real outcome of the talks is needed." "Much depends on the talks," Erdogan said, adding that in "just peace" no one will be defeated and no one will benefit if the war continues.

Welcoming the representatives of Russia and Ukraine, Erdogan said, "We are pleased to welcome you at this crucial time and to contribute to your efforts for peace." We hope that our meetings and discussions will bring hope to your country, our region, and the entire human race. "

Urging an immediate ceasefire, Erdogan said both sides needed to stop the tragedy.

Prior, representatives of Russia and Ukraine arrived at Dolmabahçe, the office of President Erdogan on the Bosphorus coast in Istanbul. Erdogan addressed the delegates sitting face to face at the long table. The delegates welcomed the remarks with applause.

Representatives of Russia and Ukraine met for the first time in 15 days. However, there is little hope for any progress in this discussion.

Expressing deep sorrow over the fifth week of war between Ukraine and Russia, Erdogan said Ankara has a responsibility to mediate because of Turkey's friendship with both countries.

It should be noted that Turkey maintains close ties with Russia despite being a member of the Western military alliance NATO. Erdogan's Turkey is one of the few countries that want to resist Western sanctions against Moscow.
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