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Russian attack on a residential building in Odesa, Killed 8

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Russian military forces have attacked a residential building in the southern Ukrainian city of Odesa. 8 people were killed in it. The dead included a mother and her three-month-old baby. This was stated by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky at a press conference.

This information was given by the media in a news report on Sunday, April 24. According to the media, people from different walks of life, including journalists, paid tribute on Twitter by posting pictures of the mother and child killed in the Russian attack.

The BBC's Ukrainian Service correspondent Miroslava Petsa says the mother killed in a Russian military operation in the Ukrainian city of Odesa is named Valeria and her newborn baby Kira.

A journalist from the Ukrainian news agency Kyiv Independent re-shared on Twitter a post on social media about the slain Valeria. In the post, Valeria said that the time after giving birth to Kira had brought her "a whole new level of happiness".

Ukrainian officials say eight people have been killed in a missile attack by Russian military forces on a block of residential flats in the city of Odesa. Earlier, Ukrainian military officials said two missiles fired by Russian troops hit a military base in the city and two others hit a residential building.


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