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Russian Oleg Tinkov condemns 'insane' war in Ukraine

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Russian Oleg Tinkov
A Russian tycoon has blasted Moscow's "massacre" in Ukraine and approached the West to end the "insane war", in a profanity-laced Instagram post.

"I don't see a SINGLE beneficiary of this insane war! Innocent people and soldiers are dying," wrote Oleg Tinkov.

According to him, "90%" of his fellow Russians are also against this war. The remaining 10% "are idiots" he said.

Tinkov, one of Russia's most well-known entrepreneurs, founded Tinkoff Bank in 2006.

On Instagram, he added: "Waking up with a hangover, the generals realized that they have a shit army.

"Furthermore, how might the military be great, if all the other things in the nation are shit and mired in nepotism, sycophancy, and servility?"

Before Russia invaded Ukraine in late February, Tinkov's wealth had been estimated at more than $4.4bn (£3.4bn).

But he has since lost his billionaire status as shares in his bank have plummeted.

In a statement, Tinkoff Bank said it would not comment on the "private opinion" of its founder, saying he no longer makes decisions for the brand.

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